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R.A.T.S Pty Ltd

Rope Access Technical Services Pty Ltd provides the following services:


● High Rise External Inspections.

Anchor Installations and Certified Inspections.

● General Maintenance and Installations.

● Signage Installation and Repairs (Including Electrical rewiring, Soldering and Plugging of signs and billboards).

● Texture Coating.

● External Painting.

● Facade Inspections and Maintenance.

● Window Sealing and Waterproofing.

● Fire Suppression Systems.

● Static line, ladder, handrail and walkway installations, inspections anchors certifications, lighting systems (electrical).

● Rendering, Stone and Masonry Repairs.

● Concrete and External Curtain Repairs.

● Electrical Repairs at Heights.

● Concrete and External Curtain Repairs

● Roof Plumbing.

● Roof Tiling Repairs, Replacements and Re-Spraying.

● Commercial Window Cleaning.

● Stage Rigging for the Music/Entertainment Industries.

● Security Camera Installations.

● Tree Climbing and Tree Cutting.

● Rigging


● General Maintenance and Mechanical Inspections.

● Mechanical and Fabrication Engineering.

● Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT),

● Magnetic Particle Testing (PT) and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI).

● Advanced Rigging and Advanced Scaffolding Solutions.

● Offshore/Onshore Marine Loading Arm (MLA) Inspections and Repairs.

● Decommissioning Structures.

● Dropped Objects Prevention.

● Welding, Pipeline/Spool Repairs and Change Outs.

● Liner Replacements.

● Reclaimer and Stacker Repairs.

● Conveyor, Crusher and Water Pump Repairs.

● Electrical Motor Change Outs.

● Cable Tray Replacements.

● Offshore. Onshore Electrical Works.

● Painting and Blasting.

● ChemicalApplications.

● Concrete Canvas.

● Spool and Pipe Repairs, Installations etc.

● Flare Tip Change Outs.

● Riser Repairs/Maintenance

● Ship Haul Welding Repairs.

● Gantry/Crane Repairs and Maintenance.

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